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Private Dining Room for Parties in Bucktown!

Looking for a great place in Bucktown or Logan's Square to host your next gathering? Our private dining room is the perfect spot for your party or get together. We'll work with you to customize our space for both small and large groups and make sure your event or party is an unforgettable one. Contact us to book your party today!

Private Banquets

Banquets, Birthdays, Team Parties, & More

No matter what occasion you're celebrating, we'll make sure your gathering is a hit. With a capacity of up to 30 people, our private dining room is the perfect setting for banquets, birthdays, work parties, pizza parties, and more!

private dining room4.
Le Cafe Station Grill Interior.

Full Restaurant

For Larger Gatherings

For bigger gatherings that require more space, we also provide the option to rent out the full restaurant during weekend after hours! That way you can have more space for more guests and even the option to bring your own alcohol. If you're ready to host an awesome party, give us a call!

Banquet Room Gallery

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